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The Sunderland Body Art Website has been designed, created, and is still maintained by Colin M. Ormsby of IsotopeFX.
Colin is also a satisfied customer of the Studio who has been back on several occasions.

The legal stuff.

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The Virtual Tour on the Studio pages was developed for Sunderland Body Art by envisage360

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Our menu system is a modified version of one available from cssmenus.

The entire design, and all other images have been orginally created or heavily modified for Sunderland Body Art and are the sole property thereof, and all photographs used have been provided by, or taken on behalf of, Sunderland Body Art, and are used with permission.

Use of any of the original content on this site, including photographs, for any purpose without written consent from Sunderland Body Art is expressly forbidden.

If you have any questions of queries regarding the website, feel free to contact Colin at, or Charlie at


Sunderland Body Art Logo
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Sunderland Body Art Logo