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The studio - health & Hygiene

Health and Hygiene is our FIRST priority.

With more than 20 years experience in the tattoo and body piercing industry, we understand that sterilization is as important as the art itself. We are fully certified by the Sunderland Environmental Health Authority. We clean and sanitize all re-usable tools in an autoclave which uses a combination of pressure and heat to ensure maximum sterilization. We also spore test our autoclave on a regular basis to make sure it is working to its full potential.

We make a point of regularly doing research so we keep abreast of the latest in sterilization techniques.

The sterilisation process starts with the piercing clamps, jewellery, tattoo tubes and grips which are cleaned using ultrasonic technology, employing both sound vibration and heat to ensure sterile instrumentation.

The sterilized instruments are rinsed and packaged in individual autoclave bags equipped with colour change indicators. The bags are dated, initialled and numbered. They are then autoclaved to sterilize the instruments and the autoclave bags are not opened until it is time to be used to do a tattoo.

All dispensed items such as inks, ink caps, vaseline, gloves etc are single use only and disposed of after use.

Tattoo needles are used ONE TIME ONLY and disposed of, in accordance with Health Department regulations.

The Sunderland Body Art tattoo and body piercing rooms, work surfaces and floors are cleaned on a regular basis with disinfectant.

At anytime during your visit to our studio, you can ask to examine our sterilization facilities for your peace of mind. No reputable studio would refuse you a tour of these facilities. If they do they've got something to hide.

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