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A tattoo is for life, it is not something to be taken lightly and it is not a fashion accessory. A tattoo should be something that has a special meaning to you which you can wear with pride for everyone to see, unless you have it in a concealed area just for your own satisfaction.

Before having a tattoo you should choose your design very carefully because once it is on, it’s on. They can be removed by Laser Tattoo Removal but there is no quick fix and it can take a lot of sessions, take a long time and end up costing a lot more than the tattoo did in the first place.

We have thousands of designs to choose from but you can bring your own designs in as well, and we can custom design something for you if you cannot find exactly what you want as long as you can give us some reference of what you have in mind for us to work from.

A lot of people want one off designs which is really cool rather than having the same as everybody else, and our tattooists do a lot of freehand by drawing the designs straight onto the skin rather than pre drawing something up. This way you have a total one-off.

We can also cover up old tattoos depending on what they are and what you have in mind. Sometimes if they are very dark you might need to have a few laser sessions to lighten them up which gives you more choice of designs and colours.

If you require any help in finding and creating the design of your choice we will be happy to help.

Our tattooists are highly trained, highly skilled and very experienced. All our tattoos are carried out in private and sterile rooms and we guarantee to use new needles, inks and gloves etc for every customer.

We give you this promise: We will carry out your tattoo to the best of our ability and in the most sterile conditions possible. See our Health and Hygiene pages for more information.

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