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The Team - Abigail

Abigail has been at Sunderland Body Art since she came to us for a week’s work experience from school in autumn 2004. Because she was full of enthusiasm and good at dealing with customers and designing we asked her to come on board as a Saturday girl. Once Abigail had left school she went Newcastle College to further her qualifications studying A Level Art, English Literature and Language. She then came on board full time as she wanted to follow a career in the tattoo and piercing industry.

In early 2006 Charlie started training Abigail to be a body piercer although her true ambition was to be a tattoo artist. Abigail was a natural and soon became fully proficient in all aspects of body piercing including microdermals, this enabled Charlie to be released to do other things.     

Abigail also helps Charlie mentor and train people who want to become professional and competent body piercers. The trainees come to the Sunderland Body Art for piercing training courses of which they get full intensive training in all aspects of the industry, including health and safety to make them an up-to-date professional body piercer ready to work in a studio.

Since the beginning of 2008 Abigail started learning the art of tattooing as well as still designing and doing her other daily jobs. She has attended various tattoo conventions and also been helped to further herself tattooing by artists such as Emma Kierzek and Iain Clark (Aurora Tattoos, Lancaster). Abigail has been tattooing full time now since March 2009 and has built a large clientele creating some great work for them. She is building up her portfolio and particularly enjoys custom work, pinups, realism and colourful floral designs.
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