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The Team - Charlie

Charlie is the owner of Sunderland Body Art which has been open since October 2000 when he moved to Sunderland. He is also the main Body Piercer in the studio and has been in the industry since the early nineties after getting pierced a number of times over a six week period at a studio near to where he was working at the time.

After he’d had a few piercings and realising that he had not been given very good aftercare and advice he decided that he could he could do a better job. Not only at becoming a piercer but with a better way of dealing with the customers and also an understanding of what people really wanted. Charlie then went on a piercing course in Bristol and set up a fully kitted out room in his house and began to pierce. After a few years once he was up to speed and with more knowledge he then rented a room in a tattoo studio and pierced from there. Charlie had that business for a handful of years before moving to Sunderland to open this studio.

Charlie takes great pride in having very high standards and morals in what he does and in every aspect throughout the whole studio of which the rest of the team are expected to follow. He is always trying to improve and keep up to date with new technology and changes throughout the industry whilst working with the local Health Authority.

With having built up a great reputation Charlie has customers come from a far even when they have moved away, as they will not go anywhere else for their piercings. Charlie also has two Guinness World Records which he holds with Kam Ma for The Most Piercings in One Continuous Session of which they still hold.

Charlie runs piercing courses with full training in all aspects of the piercing industry which the trainees can then confidently go and work in a studio. All but one person has gone on to work in professional studios around the country.

Sunderland Body Art Logo
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Sunderland Body Art Logo