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The Team - Jo

Jo has been at Sunderland Body Art since November 2000 and trained to be a tattoo artist which she did for five years until she had some major problems with her back. Jo loved tattooing and still enjoys being involved and going to conventions, but realised she could not go back to tattooing as it took so long to get her back right again. After having some time out she then moved on to designing and helping to run the studio.

These days you will still see Jo around the studio doing various things behind the scenes, but she has now opened Sunderland Laser Centre which is situated within Sunderland Body Art. The Laser Centre solely concentrates on the removal of tattoos, this goes along side the tattoo studio as there are a lot of people with tattoos they do not want anymore.

There are also a lot of people that want old tattoos covering up but they are too dark or too big to cover with anything nice, so having a few shots of laser lightens them up which gives them more options to get a far better tattoo over the old ones.

You can get more information if you go to  or you can ring 0191 5101981. Alternatively you can come in the studio and ask at reception.

Sunderland Body Art Logo
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